Autovm Connection Problem

Hello there,
I installed Autovm on the system with Nginx, Ubuntu 18.04 TLS with automatic installation technique.
I enter the following information in the server configuration:
Port 22
Server IP and VCenter IP: IP address of my dedicated server.
username: root
password: MyVmWareEsxiPassword

I also rebooted my server.

My Host Address is as follows:

But I can’t make the connection. Can members help me?

Did you entered the correct details? In addition, do you have any ip limitations on your server?

Hello, I uninstalled and reinstalled Autovm and it worked. But this time, Autovm is not installing a new virtual server in Esxi. Therefore, a new Os cannot be installed.


Did you deploy the operating systems templates into your ESXi?
What is the error code?