AutoVM platform ova template

Hello, discovered your product recently and would like to test it. Wiki says there is a preconfigured AutoVM .ova image at the LAB, but it seems there is no such thing there.

I would be very grateful If you could share a preconfigured image like this.

One more question: where can i find login credentials for .ova images from your LAB, for example Ubuntu18.04 64Bit Server?

I have download the template, it just a CentOS 8 OS…
These is no preconfigured AutoVM…

even I try install step-by-step from their wiki doc…

It’s a little hard to run install.php…

and it looks like nobody here…

Where did you get AutoVM template? We didn’t release any specific template for the platform.
Actually, doc templates are available to clone during vm installation. Not for running the AutoVM platform.

Hi Mahdavi,

OK I see
now I have installed AutoVM and connect to my esxi and vcenter

I try to deploy first VM, but I don’t know to get start

My dedicated servers it show connected to my esxi

I also new datastore1 datastore2 datastore3 datastore4

I create an OS CentOS7

I create an iso files ubuntu-18.04.3-live-server-amd64.iso , it’s the same name in my datastore3 ISO folder

I create 1 Virtual Server but I can’t start it to install Operating Systems or deploy it from template

Here is the information about how to deploy templates

If you want to create a VM, go to users section in the AutoVM admin area, Then click on create VPS. Afterwards go to Virtual machine section, and click on VM view (Magnifier icon), And choose change OS button to install VM.

Best regards

Hi Mahdavi,

I can deploy template from vCenter ,it works

I hope to deploy or fresh install OS by AutoVM , does it work?

We want to use WHMCS connect to autoVM to manage ESXi or vCenter


now I can deploy ubuntu 18.04 from AutoVM using my own template
But the password created from autoVM seem not to change
It still the original password in the template

I couldn’t understand your question exactly, please explain more.

Hi Mahdavi,

It can change the password after change OS now

It seems need some time to take affect

Thanks for your help

How can i define the ISO location I have follow your guide but it not taking and ISO at the time of installation…

What ISO that you mean?
We don’t have any thing related to ISO during AutoVM installation.

I want to install virtual machine using ISO image and in autovm there is already a option to add iso files

I follow this but nothing is happening.

You can not install the the template by the AutoVM ISO section. you need to install the template from your ESXI and then create that in the AutoVM operating systems page.

So there is no way to install os via ISO file here ISO means the ova file correct?

Hi Martin,

How you install OS in vmware esxi via AutoVM… I am trying but I have little confusion via ISO and OVA template…

Can you please help me on this?

Hi Manoj,

As I know , the “ISO” function is mount ISO for customer to upload their files or something upload to VM , not for installing OS

The Only way to deploy VM OS is using ESXi template

Maybe AuotVM team can give you better answer.

Ok I am able to install the VM using autovm now the issue is after installing the vm via template the autovm is not able to change the password of newly created vm…

Is there any other settings to change the password of virtual machines I have download the template from autovm site

Can you start the installed VM from your ESXI manually ?