Centos6 & centos7


The removal of centos 6 and centos 7 support made this system very bad. All users want these systems and not all software works on centos 8.

How can we install the old version autovm?

You can add your own template .ova backup to the server. yes, you are right, the autovm team is removing the sub-versions very quickly. I think the mistakes here, many users do not want to use the new version, they want to continue with the stable version they are used to.

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The problem is not because of the template, it is very simple to create the template. If these systems are removed from the infrastructure, the system will not install. Centos 6 and centos 7 support should not be removed.

Currently, we support Centos 7 and there is no problem with this distro.
However, we were receiving so many reports that came from a large number of templates. So we made a decision to decrease the number of templates to have more focused on the stability that you can see fewer people who still have problems such as the disk extend option.

CentOS 7 working normally…