Connection issue

Today I used your auto script to install autovm on an Ubuntu 18, everything went fine. After setup I added a Vmware esxi 6 server with non-root user. The autovm server is strictly firewalled, for both in and out connections.
When I click on the view server icon it gives me this error after ~20 seconds:

I can connect to my vmware server through SSH from the autovm server, so there is no problem for the connection, firewall or the user/pass. Also at the vmware part I can see autovm is connected. Also got two questions:
1- what is “” is this page?
2- Do I need to use any ip other than my vmware and my autovm? Does this script connect to your server in anyway?


You must add the below line in your nginx configuration.
Add this line after “include fastcgi-php.conf”
fastcgi_read_timeout 300;

Did not change anything, the same “504 Gateway Time-out”.

Please increase your VPS resources such as memory and cpu and try again.

The same!
What should I input in “Server Address” field? I entered “https://serverip/candy/default”.
Anywhere to see detail log or debug? This s really annoying, I have been struggling with the script for 4 days with no success.

Can you send here your nginx configuration from /etc/nginx/sites-available?

Nothing there:

I used your one-click installation script.

You must enter the below command:
cat /etc/nginx/sites-available/default