Connection problem on new autovm files

how i can fix it on admincp ?

ok problem is resolved now have this problem


Please enter the server address like below

You can fill the server address from the AutoVM admin area - dedicated servers - edit page.


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not worked

Did you download the AutoVM from GitHub?
It seems your panel is not correct.
Please follow here for installing.

yes i’am downloaded from github and i followed this installing wiki


  1. Change your webserver root directory to the AutoVM /web directory.

  2. Enable php escapeshellcmd from php.ini file.

And then try again.


thank you for this informations sir
I applied them and the problem continues

Your webserver configuration is not correct. You should change your webserver root directory to autovm/web directory.

changed but not work

You have to remove /web from your domain address. It will be removed automatically when you change the root directory. It is important for security.
You can use the below link as the Server Address to get work temporary.
Also please enable PHP shell_exec from your server PHP configuration.

nope not worked 22222222

Please create a new virtual server for yourself and then follow this link.

What do you mean by that?

Thanks for the script really its great but I think we need an end to end documentation with clear instructions.

Lets say default domain is on a subdomain:

admin panel is : (default root folder is on /autovm/web)

should I put : ?

IF yes I do still get Host not connected error. I used to use without any problem on th same server after this license change and new version I can no longer use it

alright not possible on cpanel - root access

autovm work only ubuntu nginx php mysql

It’s not important to use ubuntu. you can install the AutoVM panel on every operating system.

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on cpanel possible ?

No we do not recommend to install on cpanel or directadmin server