Could not connect to database


I am setting a fresh install up and I am running in to an issue of Could not connect to database.

The DB is on a remote server and I have already verified on the cli the connection details will connect to the DB server.

I also saw on another thread of setting the folder to 755. I have tried this as well and it still will not connect

Currently, you can not use remote database connection.

So looking through the code it looks like you hard set localhost as the value in install.php. I removed that.

then it looks like i had to set install/src/config.php to 777 and then also the config folder to 777 so it could write the dp.php file.

getting a trial license doesn’t work, clicking on the button does nothing.

Its a shame looks like you guys still have a bunch of bugs to get out of this

Did you upgrade your panel to the latest version?
There is not any license server or license code because the AutoVM panel is free for ever.
Run the below commands to upgrade

cd /var/www/autovm
git pull
php7.2 yii migrate

Also, its not a stable version of the AutoVM panel. We are working to fix all the problems and then we will release the first version in the GitHub.

i swear the documentation I was looking at must have been cahced or something, it is nothing like i am looking at now on the wiki. ill update as i go

Ok so here is where I am at now,

did a git clone of the github, removed the hard coded localhost and the installation went fine. Now when I am trying to log in it redirects me to autovm/web/site/user/index which produces a 404. looking at the files on the server and on the github, that dir doesnt exist

ok so looks like this is a nginx issue ive tried every configuration i can think of and its not working, any thoughts?

You must change your webserver root directory to /path/to/autovm/web directory.