Creating Centos Template

I created fresh centos 7 installation, just proceeded with yum update and installed VM tool.
I used this as template to instal with autovm, however it can not boot. it says /root/ not found and all bunch of others.

I noticed that the only difference is

3.10.0-1160.6.1.el7 on the official templates
3.10.0-1160.11.1.el7 on new updated installation

I tried to boot on older kernel version, it boots no problem.

However if I make that older kernel version default, then autovm just clones cant execute any commands so no ipv4 setup or password etc.

What are the requirements for creating template for AUTOVM to be able to work properly?

Many thanks in advance

You must use BIOS while creating a new template from VMware.

Thank you for respond @persgeek what do you mean by using BIOS while creating a new template?

If you can give me a little more information I can research further

Many thanks in advance

@persgeek Please help what do you mean by using bios ?/ How can you create template over bios couldn’t find any article about it

before you are installing centos template, Edit the virtual machine and go the VM options, and change the Firmware in the boot option section to BIOS.