Error code 30 and others [yardım]

I have a error 30 with vSphere root account, also installation of guest os stuck at %55. I know personal helps are with paid plans but I need it freely. All things are correct but it’s stuck, its nonsense. (SSH, vSphere, Deploy’s, and others too)


Türk arkadaşlar da yardımcı olabilir.

root limtilemesi olabilir esx de. root giriş limitini kaldırmyı dene.

Maybe your template does not exists in the ESXi server.
Also the template must be powered off.

I am sure, templates exist. Also I never start they. Someone says “root login count limit” but I don’t know to set this. System is installed and ready(connected to vsphere) but when I create VM’s its stuck and VM didn’t created in vSphere Inventory.

SSH, GDBServer, Permissions are already setted by me and its nonsense. Can your check my installation, is it software or esxi fault?

@Mahdavi Ali Rıza, Can you help me? Is it script error or bad configured esxi error(6.0) If I upgrade, is it works?

All recommendded settings are applied by me.

Click on server status in dedicated servers and check the log.