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I have linux operating systems that I have installed, centos 7, centos 8 and ubuntu 18.04. Vmware tools are installed. However, I cannot set a password for the virtual machines I have created from these template files and it doesn’t get an ip address. When I use your template files, there is no problem, but when I clone your templates, I still have the same problem.

For example, I want to create 3 templates with different names from the same operating system. I’m using Esxi 6.0.

I can’t deploy some of your template files, I get the error below.
The OVF Package is invalid and cannot be deployed.

I request your help. Thanks

You have to set password for root user in your template and enter it in the autovm.

In addition, the ovf problem comes from your old esxi version

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Really thank you so much. I missed a simple mistake.
Everything is working smoothly right now.

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