How can I check WHMCS Start Vps , action Failed failed

Dear AutoVM Team,

I have setup Server(using autoVM) on WHMCS

my module settings

autoVM setting

I am tring several times to create differ product

Is there any way to check which is my error configure?

Thanks for your help

remove hostname and assigned ip address in the whmcs server section.
In addition, remove your api and create it again and do not share it because it’s dangerous.
Best regards

Hi Mahdavi,

Thanks for your reply

I have try re-created server in whmcs ,also remove hostnamme and assigned ip address

I re-generate api key in autovm apis section , then paste key to whmcs server section , server detail , under username field

I try re-change OS in autoVM to test start vps , it doesn’t work .
I try delete all vps from autovm then try start vps from whmcs , it doesn’t work

Could you give me some advice?


When did you download our WHMCS module ?
Please download it from our github and try again.

Dear AutoVM Team,

I have download autoVM module for WHMCS

and upload to my WHMCS


Please paste the log file here for troubleshooting.
/path/to/autovm module/log.php

Hi autoVM Team,

these is no any message in log.php


Dear AutoVM Team ,

Is there any idea let me try to fix this?


Hi Support,

when I modify log.php permission

there are some messages in it

what should I setup the autovm server url?



We have updated the WHMCS module.
Please download the new version from here and then enter the AutoVM domain address in the server name field.

Hi Support,

Just replace the autovm.class.php ?

or all 4 files?

2 ways I have tried , got the same situation.



In the new update, you must enter your AutoVM domain address in the WHMCS name field.

Hi autoVM Team,

This is my configuration

The domain address means FQDN?

My autoVM’s hostname is also named autovm

Could you provider sample configuration let me check what’s wrong

Thanks a lot

In the configuration page, in the name field, you must enter your AutoVM domain address like

Hi autoVM Team,

I try several different ways but still not work

what can I do next?



Please open a ticket in our website and give us WHMCS login details for troubleshooting the problem. we will post the answer here.

Hi AutoVM Team,

Our WHMCS doesn’t publish on internet now

Maybe I can let you connect to my laptop to login to WHMCS?

Thanks for your help

Its ok. please open a ticket in our website.

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To fix this problem, please delete the old server and then create a new server in the WHMCS admin.

Hi AutoVM team,

May I know how to upgrade module files?

I have tried deleted or removed all configurations and re-configure them

It changes nothing…

Thanks for your help