I create VPS but doesnt seem on ESXi

I connect all credientals unless Vcenter but when I try to create VPS it doesnt create on ESXi.
Also WHMCS fails to create because the panel. Is anyone help me?
Please dont suggest to review install articles, i install autovm with their guides so other suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

    |Server Name|XEON|
    |Host address| http://IPADRESS/candy/default| (link doesnt work)
   |Connect to host| Connected|
    |Connect to ESXi| Connected|
    |Connect to Vcenter| Not connected|
   |Connect to SSH| Connected|
  |Datastores |Validated|
   You must upload all the operating system templates on your each ESXi servers.

If we forwarding you to articles, it means that you didn’t read carefully.


Notice-1: If you want to create a VM, go to users section in the AutoVM admin area, Then click on create VPS. Afterward, go to the Virtual machine section, and click on VM view (Magnifier icon), And choose the change OS button to install VM.

please attach the whmcs module log.
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