Identifying autovm

I own a hosting company and I am looking for a vmware esx panel to manage my esx and vcenter and I wanted to use autovm
while looking for a panel I found the following site:

it looked like autovm but it is called “VMware panel” and it looks pretty much the same (but the theme is different)
Is it a different version of autovm?
Or maybe a diffrent product?

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Adam Lim

Hello and welcome to the AutoVM community.
The mentioned website uses AutoVM with a customized template. AutoVM is a non-copyright platform in which you can remove the name or logos.
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Thank you!
I still have a question - in this url I see that the path is /panel, but in the open demo of autovm the path is /site. why is this difference? are those different versions of autovm?

Your welcome
No there isn’t any other version.
After login, it changes to /site
However, we have AutoVM enterprises which is for larger hosting companies and the price is 200$ per month.