New AutoVM Disk Extend Problem


We use new autovm files.Everything working now.But disk extend not applying.

First install status :
After disk extend process :
we tried on these operating systems; centos6,centos7,centos8,ubuntu,debian
no disk extend process is done in any of them

VPS has 50 GB Disk :


I have also the same issue, would appreciate if there is any fix for this. Thank you!

I have the same problem

This is not a problem
Actually Disk extend option doesn’t available on all of the OS
However, here is the supporting template s

Thanks for reply.Yes this is a problem.Because smooth disk expansion was possible in the previous version.We use the same templates.I mentioned the templates we tested in the subject content

Did you update your panel to the latest version?
Please run the below commands
cd /var/www/autovm
git pull
php7.2 yii migrate --migrationPath=@app/migration
php7.2 yii migrate

Yes we apply all update.But problem is continues.

We have not supported all the operating systems for disk expansion. Have you this problem in all of your operating systems ?

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we tried on the following operating systems:
it was not working on windows OS anyway, but i think it should work for linux systems.

No luck for Centos7 for me either or any other OS yet I tried

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The disk expansion problem that occurs after the transition to an open license continues. Has the date you posted an update for the issue been determined?

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The sh file you passed does not expand the disk.

Many thanks.

Your partition number is different.

However, the source code is free and available which you can help to improve the platform on the github rather than asking.


I wrote here based on your answer. I don’t understand what should I do?

Many thanks.

Did you upgrade your AutoVM to the latest version?
Please upload the below file here.

We have same problem. our is like that. I just changed centos 7 sh file link.

from server import get_arg, get_server, get_center, response

serve = get_center()

if not serve:
serve = get_server()

if not serve:

address = get_arg(‘ip[ip]’)

machine = serve.get_vm_by_name(address)

if not machine:

Operating system username

username = get_arg(‘username’)

And its password

password = get_arg(‘password’)

machine.login_in_guest(username, password)

And its name

name = get_arg(‘os[operation_system]’)

if ‘debian’ in name:
program, command = [’/bin/sh’, [’-c’, ‘cd /tmp && wget -O && sh && rm’]]

elif ‘ubuntu’ in name:
program, command = [’/bin/sh’, [’-c’, ‘curl | sh’]]

elif ‘centos 6.8’ in name:
program, command = [’/bin/sh’, [’-c’, ‘curl | sh’]]

elif ‘centos 7’ in name:
program, command = [’/bin/sh’, [’-c’, ‘curl | sh’]]

elif ‘windows’ in name and ‘windows 2003’ not in name:
program, command = [‘cmd.exe’, [’/c’, ‘echo select volume c > diskpart.txt & echo extend >> diskpart.txt & diskpart /s diskpart.txt\r’]]

if program:
machine.start_process(program, command)



I change links in .py and now works ubuntu centos disk extend when clicking in panel extend disk and giving username password. But automatically extend not work when install. I must click disk extend as i say and make manual.

Can you open the below domain from your AutoVM server ?

I’m reaching link from my autovm server no problem. i can extend centos ubuntu debian disk now but ubuntu and debian automatic extend ok but centos 7 extend manuel with clicking on panel.

I have the same problem, no Linux extends the disk