New version guest os problem

I installed the new version autovm, made the settings and run it. When I try to install a server, the guest os error starts to appear on the vmware esxi screen.
Error message: "Failed to start the virtual machine.
Guest operating system ‘centos7-64’ is not supported. Select a guest operating system from the General page on the Options tab of Virtual Machine Settings. "
I am using vmware esxi 6.0.
How can I fix this problem?

Hello and welcome
change guest operating system in admin area and chose older Centos version such as centos 6

Thank you for your quick reply. There is no version older than centos 7 visible in the admin interface.

Thank you for reporting
We will update this issue ASAP.

Has an update been released for this issue?

No operating system can be installed. When will the Guest Os Problem be solved?

Operation system can be install now. Which operation system do you try and which guest os select for it ?

While installing on all operating systems, I get the same error below. There is also the following error in the Add operating system page.

Is it possible for me to drop the “os” table from the database?

If you imported old database and cant see guest operation system please do following;

cd /var/www/autovm
git pull
php7.2 yii migrate --migrationPath=@app/migration
php7.2 yii migrate

After Run the below commands in the mysql:
alter table os add column guest varchar(255) not null;