Only E1000E adapter Works for network

when i use VMXNet3 or E1000 the ip doesnt not get assigned only E1000E Adapter works so that ip can get assigned but its so slow how can i get vmxnet to work ? also windows server 2016 does not assign ip either .


Check the interface name, if you are using the autovm template, when changing the adapter the assigned name is “local Area Connection 2” and the autovm script cannot assign the IP address

in this situation just correct for the name “local Area Connection”

Hope this helps

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So i need to start the templated windows and remove E1000E network and add vmxnet3 network card ? Im i right or how can i change the name ?

Can you add me on discord Mr.Ilker#9999 i can not get i fixed i really need help.

Yes, change adapters to VMXNET3 on templates and AutoVM operating system section.
Then turn on the VM template and check the network connection name, It should be “Local Area Connection” in windows 2008 or “Ethernet” on windows server 2012, 2016. (without any number such as Ethernet0)

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Still it does not assign any ip to it can you help me ?

Please provide a screenshot from the VM network config

I got it working thank you , last question if i install Windows server 2019 as template but choose 2016 in the operativ system (because there is not 2019) will it still assign ip and work ?

Yes, it’s ok. both are same

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