Problems in the new version


After installing the new version I imported my old database into the new version. (I didn’t import the table iso and operating systems because they had structural changes)

I had problems with the ‘’ guestOS ‘’ configuration the autovm adjusts to an invalid configuration for example: centos7-64 the correct one would be centos-64 making the vmware not allow to turn the machine on, after adjusting this problem directly in the database some autovm templates cannot connect and others it does not assign an IP address.

Remembering that this is the same template that was working perfectly in the old version the same occurs with ubuntu, centos, debian …

I am very concerned that the old API will stop working in 3 weeks and I am experiencing these bugs.

I tested the Windows Server 2008 x86 model the new autovm copied all the files, but it did not register the vmx and, as a consequence, does not turn on and configure the new virtual machine.

I have tested ubuntu 19, ubuntu 16, debian , CentOS 7 and Windows Server 2008 x86 so far and none have completed the installation successfully.

Always returns error 30 or 50 on the site


Did you upgrade to the latest version ? We have fixed this problem five days old.

You can upgrade your panel like below:

cd /var/www/autovm
git pull
php7.2 yii migrate --migrationPath=@app/migration


I executed the requested commands and returned the following message attached

I will perform the tests again!

Enter yes and then go to the operating system edit page to select new guest operating system.
Try installing again.

I updated the system and performed a new installation of CentOS

The machine was installed and registered, but it was not turned on

This time there was no ‘’ guestos ‘’ error it just wasn’t power on

Can you start it manually ? What is the error code in the virtual server view page ?

Yes, I can start manually but the IP or password is not configured…
error code 50 .

Clicking start on the panel the machine is also turned on

What is the name of created VM on your ESXi ? Do you have vcenter on your server ? And did you set vcenter details in the AutoVM ?

What is the name of created VM on your ESXi? the name of the VM is the server IP!
Do you have vcenter on your server? yes
And did you set vcenter details in the AutoVM? yes, I entered all the data from the vcenter correctly

We have updated our GitHub repository. Please do the following commands and try again.

cd /var/www/autovm
git pull


Ok, executed, I will test again and update you

CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 16 worked!
I will test other systems later, it is now 4:24 am and I haven’t slept yet.

Thank you very much I will keep here updated on the other templates.

Windows Server 2008 x86

Copied the vmdk and created the .vmx file but did not register the machine and returned error 30 in autovm

Did you change the VM hard space in the AutoVM ?
The windows operating systems need higher space.

Yes, the configuration is for 40GB of disk!

All my templates are 40GB and my smallest plan is 40GB can this be the problem?

Change the VM space to 42 GB in the AutoVM and try installing again.