Setting up the dedicated server and more

I managed to install autovm on a machine and it seams to be connected to my vcenter, yet when i try to create a new vm its getting stuck on 35% (on the os installation) and i cant see it anywhere…

also i didnt get how can i connect to the datastore in my vcenter (im using vsan), so i created a new one which i also dont know where it was created…

here are some screen shot:

the vcenter detail are fine, but for the other ip, user and pass, i gave it the vm that autovm is installed on…is that correct?

last Q… i didnt understood how to use an template from my vcenter or iso from the autovm machine to install on a new vm…

thanks a lot.

Did you download the operating system template and deploy that to your ESXi server?
You can download from here.
Also, you can find the error code by refreshing the VM installation page in the admin area.

hi, i did download an template of ubuntu ,deployed it on my vcenter and installed autovm there…is there something else that nedd to be done?

also there is no error code because its never failing the installation, its just keeps going forever…

Please go to the Dedicated server view page in the admin area to find the problem.

Deploy template on the disk of the server that is trying to perform the installation.
Example: datastore1/ubuntu_server