Update install instructions for WHMCS module


I’m trying to configure WHMCS module but I’m a bit confused by the instructions it seems they’re not up to date. WHMCS wouldn’t accept my autovm server name as a hostname. API is located at http://serverip/api but after filling this info in WHMCS it gives an error. In wiki (https://wiki.autovm.net/index.php?title=Install_WHMCS_module) it’s mentioned that you need to enter a hostname and leave IP field blank. I have browsed through this forum and managed to find some more recent instructions saying that you need to enter the IP in the IP field. But it’s impossible to enter the complete API address there just the IP part. So could you please let me know which way is correct? I’d prefer a full detailed description (update the wiki?) but if you’re busy you could just give me a hint… Please assist.

In the newer version of WHMCS, you must change the hostname of the server from the WHMCS database.
You can find the servers in the tblservers.

Thanks for your speedy response. Just that? What about other fields? IP needs to be entered or not? API key should be entered in username field and password should be left blank?

The ip address for the new VM will be selected automatically.
Yes, you must enter the API key in the username field and leave the password field blank.

So it should be like this (please see attach)? And then just edit the database (IP to IP/api)? I’m sorry install instructions are a bit confusing please guide me.

You must enter the full api address in the hostname like below

Thanks, yes we did it later by editing the database directly. But the provisioning doesn’t work: VPS shows up in AutoVM and WHMCS but not in VMware. Is there anything else we need to adjust?

did you install any OS after creating VM in autovm?

How the system will know which OS to install? Do we need to add this to the order form? When I go to Virtual Machines and choose a server I can see OS (not set) there.

No you cannot add this field in order form.
Actually, After creating a VM in AutoVM, you have to install an OS from the panel. If the created VM has existed in the ESXi, No installation required.
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Ok now I’m confused. So VM creation via template cloning is not supported? The only way is to create a VM and mount an ISO so the user can install it himself? Is there any manual I can read on this?

Hello? Any update? Please let me know.

Autovm clones a model that you created yourself or download here: http://file.autovm.net/vmware/templates/ remembering that you need to have this model as a virtual machine (VMDK)

in the image above as you can see i have several virtual machines with system name, these are the models that autovm will copy.

Ok, great this is exactly what I’m looking for. Perhaps you could share your working AutoVM vm with me?