Windows 2019 template error

i’am installed windows 2019 and configured remote desktop, windows firewall, dns settings etc etc
i’am installing creating vm but do not editing ip etc etc i need help

You change username or chance network adapter? use Administrator in username and use default network adapter.

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no all is okey bro do not have problem on network adapter and username

It’s might be there is a problem on Vmware tools. Check the password after installation, It should be changed, if it’s not, It could be vmware tools or login information problem.

vmware tools is installed

Please go to the VM edit page -> VM options -> Boot settings and change it to BIOS and then install the windows 2019 template on your ESXi.

my template not work on BIOS
only work on efi
how i can fix it ? autovm changing boot options to -> bios

We could not support efi right now. We are working on windows 2019 template and it will be released as soon.

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